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About burkhartcycle

Here at Burkhart Cycle, we are proud to say that all of our own products are


by 100% AMERICAN CITIZEN labor.

With so many things being sourced to China these days, it is really becoming harder to know for sure what you are getting. It has even gone very deep into the motorcycle aftermarket. There are many retail stores, online and physical locations, that stock cheap china parts.

To The Interest of American Buyers

All machined products we offer are made right here and using US made materials. It is in my personal interest to try and do my part to keep funds circulating here in our own country, especially as times are a bit hard. There is no place now to feed the greed that pushed a number of suppliers to source parts from China. Although there are many parts in which it isn't as much an issue, there are stories of parts failures resulting from the poor quality of China parts.

To The Interest of ALL

So, with so much about being US made, that is not to say that parts from much of the rest of the world are of lesser quality. It is mostly my intent to assure people that our own parts are not made in China. I, myself, do believe in quality from many others around the world. Some such parts as we do offer, and more as I hope to expand offerings. But, I wish also to offer quality from here to all international buyers.

A Look Inside

Well, not literally a look inside. Just a bit on where the parts are coming from. I will NOT begin to try to claim that all of our parts are made on "State of the Art" CNC machines. That is certainly not the case. If we were into aerospace or something, possibly. But, knocking $15-50 parts off of $250,000 machines would be absurd. And it is likely safe to assume that anyone making such a statement, would most certain be a false claim. I will also not try to claim that the parts made here are the best in the world. As with the machinery, those who claim the such, well, they are making a big claim, hope they can back that up.

And so, for what it's worth, we do have a couple CNC machines, 3 actually. Never likely that they will all be running busy, but they are here. We have nothing super fancy, but we do know how to use them. And, of course, there are the few other items used in the making of parts. As for the parts, well, they are made to work. I won't say they are the best for anything, but I can say that many of our parts are more accurate than many others out there. Perhaps this is the reason that there are many people that copy our parts. Many of the parts are not anything special, but, they are made for the application and will work (assuming no modifications that would change that). We do our own R&D here, and get our own specs, dimensions, numbers, details, etc., which is why I will rightfully claim my parts are accurate. Okay, truth be known, I apparently do R&D for many others too, just not knowingly.

And so......

And so there's the story, well, the look inside or what have you. So, in a wrap..... Started out as a small home shop, and still a small home shop, just not as small. I started out with a small CNC mill and a couple original ideas (yeah, those were copied too). And, been trying to add some desireable parts as time goes. I don't have the biggest and best equipment, wouldn't be needed anyway. I'm not gonna tell you how much warehouse space I have, mostly because I don't have a warehouse, but even if, what the hell would that matter to the parts you are buying. I'm not gonna claim the best parts, but I will say my parts are made to work and likely more accurately than most. And I will say, my parts are absolutely 100% MADE IN USA

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