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About Mirror Spacers

Mirror Spacers, extensions, extenders

Mirror spacers, as we call them here, do just that. They are made to fit between the mirror base and the bike in order to give an extended view of what is going on behind you. Not that the mirrors equipped on the bike are not usable, but for, and not limitted to, the larger fellows, it gets to be more of a pain to twist or move your body to be able to have a good view of what lurks behind. As with the instruments on the bike, we like to be able to take a quick glance and get our eyes back to what lies ahead. As all other drivers (automobile drivers) seem to be less aware of what's outside of their own vehicle, it is up to the motorcyclist to be very aware of all that is happening in all directions.

A Little History Of

Several years ago, there became a bit of discussion between another and myself about improving use of the mirrors on bikes. This said individual wanted an improvement and, having a bad experience and few close-calls myself, I understood why. I knew I could have a nice easy fix to help out with this issue. After several hours drawing, programming and machining, I had a good solution. To all my knowledge, searching, and researching, there had become the first mirror spacers.

Some Details

All of the mirror spacers we have and offer are made of Delrin. Delrin was chose for a few reasons. Being a type of plastic made Delrin an ideal material along with the excellent machinability and strength. And, unlike most molded plastics, Delrin is stable in sunlight and won't fade or discolor after a short time of exposure. Although Delrin may be a bit expensive, it is an excellent choice material for these parts.

So What's The Point?

Well, I'm not sure. But, just to provide a little background info. And... If you would like to purchase some mirror spacers....why not from the original source...besides, I'll offer them at hard to beat prices to try and claim back what was originally mine.

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