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Our Products

Here at Burkhart Cycle, we are proud to say that all of OUR OWN products are


by 100% AMERICAN CITIZEN labor.

With out-sourcing so common in all of today's markets, it isn't doing well for the majority of the American public. It has been a growing problem and now look where we stand. So many jobs having been sent overseas.

And, yes, it has even soaked deep into the motorcycle aftermarket. We have even had problems with people that buy our products and send them to china to have them copied. I have also had manufacturers from china offer to produce things for me, but I will ALWAYS refuse. There are many good products from other countries, such as Japan, Canada, European countries, and many others. It's just that products from a certain other said region seem to lack quality control very badly.

I believe that "Made In USA" use to mean something to people, and it can once again.

Our products include parts such as:

  • Lowering and Raising Links
  • Mirror Spacers and Block Offs
  • Kickstands
  • Swingarm Extensions
  • Brake caps and many other small parts

Any products labeled as manufactured by:

  • or
These are our products and guaranteed to be 100% made in USA and use materials made in USA.

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